Areas of interior and exterior design on one side and fields of lighting design on the other hand maintain an ongoing dialogue at any time. The two fields support each other and together, serve and enhancing space. Intelligent use of both allows the designer to control the atmosphere created according to customer taste and style, all in accordance with the architectural space.

The importance of the field of lighting design is clear to all those involved in planning and architectural design –an integral step of the planning process of each customer space. In addition to the functional aspects of the route function to enrich the user experience of the encounter with an atmosphere that evokes feelings and emotions.

The course will deal with design and lighting-design of private, public and commercial, outdoor and garden lighting. During the school year students will be exposed to various aspects of the lighting industry for many tiers. Design and lighting design includes understanding and choice of light sources, lighting, location and suitability stylistic space concept and style patient, understanding and familiarity with the various tools the designer lighting.

The course will contribute to the wide array of considerations and translate planner to design better potential as light supports and improves the architectural space of the professional terms.


The purpose of the course

Course for Lighting Planning and Design is aimed to give students a good knowledge about the world of electric lighting, which is a field of character technological dynamic and engaging, to give students professional knowledge on lighting design and provide tools work practical which facilitate dealing in lighting to recognize and better understand the potential of the light, as support the architectural space and allow them to experience basic design using professional tools of the lighting plan .


Course design and lighting design for those involved in the design field who wish to deepen their knowledge on lighting and those who want to integrate a variety of fields in the professional lighting industry. The course is suitable for those who want to adopt a quality and professional approach to the subject of lighting as a design element and learn about the latest technologies in the field.

The course is designed for architects, interior designers, developers, contractors, field managers, practitioners and advisers in the field of lighting fixtures and anyone involved in the design.

Scope of the course

  • Course design and lighting design consisting of 90 academic hours based on – 18 weekly meetings of five academic hours each.
  • Course curriculum design and lighting design are held once a week in the afternoon.
  • Diploma graduates
  • Meet the requirements of the course will be awarded a certificate from :
  • Studio Lite – planning and architectural lighting design
  • Curriculum
  • Lighting Design curriculum includes frontal lectures, meetings and foreign tours making experience ( practicum ) .

Course lessons

  • What Light: Composition, quantity, quality?
  • Bulb: true enlightenment basis – Understand the different types of bulbs, advantages, disadvantages and uses.
  • Types of lighting fixtures: illuminating the space , the quality of light produced when all valves unique light source and color quality .
  • From the traditional to the modern writer: Landmarks in the history of lighting.
  • Program : setting the necessary lighting needs .
  • Understanding the physiological and psychological needs .
  • The weight of fashionable trends .
  • Various activity areas at : Defining functional requirements of each area of activity .
  • Test Space : What is the practical light requirement and what is required atmosphere .
  • Smart Home and communication system .
  • Light commercial spaces .
  • Outdoor lighting .
  • Tours

Engaged in interior design ? Architects ? Engage in consultation and sale of lighting fixtures who want to deepen their knowledge and acquire tools about planning and designing high quality professional lighting ?

Tools for the design and lighting design – interior design and the design and external environment are incomplete without it!