“Lighting, like music, true creative design simulate exciting and drama through multi-discussion between the light source and the luminous environment.”



Tzipy Frank, M.A.

Of all the advanced technologies of the last century, electric lighting is the most significant. Lighting fixtures surrounds us in all areas of our lives: Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting; Home, Work; during the day or ni

ght … it is hard to imagine how we would look without the light bulb…

The lighting is a source of vitality, joy, magic and happiness; precious light, emphasizes the color, drama and mystery … Therefore the whole is greater then its parts – and the right lighting is much more benefit!!!

Like any fashionable trend, even in lighting design there are new trends that Tzipy Frank combines in her unique works.

Through knowledge and widely educated point of view; creativity and accumulated experience of years in the lighting design field, Tzipy Frank have the ability to fulfill any dream and fulfill every fantasy of its customers. While maintaining high standards and safety measures, Tzipy ensure that each project will receives the light angle and color of its uniqueness and rhythm, plus a personal “wink”.

We distinguish between interior lighting, outdoor lighting, between warm lighting case, between light scattering and light targets, between popular luxury expensive. Need to remember what we saw with neighbors or friends is not necessarily suitable for our needs. Even if we choose a special flooring, expensive and exclusive, high-quality furniture and accessories, beautiful decorate our homes with the best works of art – all these, not revealed the full be

auty if not exposed in the right light.

Studio Light provides design and lighting design for architects, interior designers, professionals and individuals. The lighting design is designed for private homes apartments, interior and exterior, for luxury buildings and public spaces, as well as for office spaces, shops, businesses, gardens, residential lobbies and wherever applicable.

The work is done everywhere in the world.

Tzipy Frank. MA – Director Studio, designs for private and institutional clients, projects large and small scale. Professional coordinator and facilitator Lighting Studies at Bar Ilan University, lecturer on aerospace designer lighting, lighting and color, design showcase home styling and interior design colleges and trends in architectural engineering.

Graduate of the Hebrew University -. MA in Urban Planning

  • Professional coordinator, facilitator and lecturer in architectural lighting
  • Lecturer of Home Styling and Design Showcases
  • Lectures, workshops, tours of lighting, styling and seminars for companies, clubs and the general public customers
  • Lecturer at universities and colleges: Bar-Ilan University, Avni Institute of Art, Sharon Ort, Ort Single and skiing, ORT Hermelin College of Engineering, College of Design Home Building – Israeli Building Center, Studio 6B, and more …
  • An active member of international associations and architectural lighting in Europe and the United States: IES, PLDA, IALD
  • Guided tours “See the Light” – a day of fun experienced following the light.

Tzipy Frank was certified by the Institute of Engineers, Architects and academic Technological Sciences in Israel.

Specialized in leading international lighting: ERCO, IGUZINNI, ACUITY BRANDS LIGHTUNG, VIABIZZUNO, and engaged in more than 25 years.

Each year attending seminars and workshops, exhibitions and international conferences. Covers shows innovation of lighting fixtures and “green” light sources.